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New Solar

Hubei NiuSuLai New Material Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Changzhou New Solar Catalysts Co., Ltd. The company belongs to Xinyang Technology Group(No. 255 in China's top 500 Private Enterprises 2019). The factory is located in the south of Xinghuasan Road, Tuodao District, High-tech Zone, Jingmen city, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 300 mu. The project is divided into three phases of investment and construction. The first phase of the project will invest 300 million yuan and construct three cyanobenzene production lines of 18,000 tons per year. The construction has officially started in August 2020, and the project is under construction. After putting into use, it can achieve sales revenue of 740 million yuan.
The company is committed to the research and development and production of new engineering plastics polyaryl ether nitrile new material polymerization monomer, polyamide high performance nylon new material polymerization monomer and derivative products. The company's products are the new material products encouraged and supported by the national industrial development policy, which can be widely used in aerospace, military and other fields, and can also be used as the synthetic raw materials of other important chemicals. The products of the company are widely used, the industrial chain is long, and the market prospect is broad.
Changzhou New Solar Catalysts Co., Ltd. (the parent company of Hubei NiuSuLai New Material Co., Ltd.) is planning for company listing. Now, the company has successfully carried out the share reform and is conducting listing guidance. The funds raised from the listing will mainly be used for the construction of phase II and Phase III projects of Hubei NiuSuLai New Material Co., Ltd. We are committed to building the company into a world-class new material company with firm confidence and determination in the field of special high-tech materials.
Adhering to the enterprise belief of "respect nature, conscience", our company truly takes "pursuit of material and spiritual happiness of all employees" as the first mission of the enterprise. Our company has formed a strong corporate culture of "integrity, altruism, dedication and innovation". We believe that we can provide you with broad career development prospects. I believe you can feel our passion after your arrival.
We are united as one and sincerely recruit the world talents. Looking forward to working with you to create a better future!

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